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Fibre-reinforced concrete permanent formwork panel

Ceiling edge formwork for floor slabs

1/3 minimum of the height of the formwork panel must be anchored in the concrete structure, and the 2/3 left must be free to receive the second phase concreting. According to the site configuration, provide shoring support.

The stability is ensured by the VIPAIMANT tool. (2 models: PM H186 and GM H290)

High compressive strength.
High adherence provided by the dovetails profile.
Aesthetic: smooth finishing and flawless surface due to the highly compressed concrete.
Longevity: frost and bad weather resistant, during the years.
Ecological: minimize wastes.
Cost-effective: lower investment than conventional formwork.


Available in 4 width: 300, 350, 400 and 500mm.

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