PRR - Application Support for Industry Decarbonisation

Project co-financed by the European Union

The environmental sustainability is a high priority in Vipremi strategic plan. As such, the organization is making efforts from a procedure and equipment point of view to reduce its ecological footprint, in terms of decarbonization mainly, which will contribute also to build a "green" image.

In the past years, Vipremi has made several investments in all the production units, which aimed to reduce energy consumption and helped the company to be more ecologically efficient.

Therefore, sustainability and the economic factor are the goals of this project, wich will allow to make investments in equipment in order to keep reducing energy consumption and consequently carbon emissions.

Vipremi has shown sustained growth, those past years, which allowed the acquisition of equipment and consequently the opening of new production facilities that added value to its work. In this path, Vipremi has planned to keep investing in the acquisition of new equipment, in order to consolidate its market share and maintain its sustainable growth.

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