Secretary of State visit Vipremi and Techniverre

As part of the presentation of the 5th PNAID MEETING - NATIONAL PROGRAM INVESTMENT SUPPORT IN THE DIASPORA, which took place on the 2nd of November, in the City Hall of Ourém, and which was attended by the Secretary of State for Regional Development, Isabel Ferreira, the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, Paulo Cafôfo, Jorge Brandão representing the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Centre, the President of the Intermunicipal Community of the Middle Tagus, Anabela Freitas, and the Mayor of Ourém, Luís Miguel Albuquerque, the delegation continued with a visit to Vipremi, Pré-fabricados de Betão, Lda. and techniverre, Pré-fabricados de Produtos em Betão e Vidro, Lda. ( both based in the industrial zone of Ourém, with the purpose to get to know the example of companies created with "investments from the Diaspora". Thus the new manufacturing units of the companies were presented, whose total investments reach around 3M Euros which has a direct impact on the nationak and local economy.

In 2022, the PNAID Meetings will take place in Fátima, from the 15th to the 17th of December, co-organized by the Municipality of Ourém and the Intermunicipal Community of the Middle Tejo and in partnership with the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Centre. Under the motto “INVESTIMENTO DA DIASPORA, an investment with a brand”, the purpose of the PNAID MEETINGS is to provide information on key areas of the country's public policies to Portuguese entrepreneurs abroad interested in investing in Portugal. This initiative also aims to make participants aware of the opportunities and measures to support investment in Portugal and internationalization through the diaspora.

For this region, the PNAID MEETINGS are an important strategic asset for the affirmation of the Middle Tagus territory in the world. Thus, the event is assumed as a catalyst for stimulating entrepreneurship for the implementation of new business initiatives in the national territory, embodying a powerful economic, social and cultural force with a decisive contribution to increase national cohesion and the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy.

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