VIPREMI daily works out a set of methodologies that enhance environmental protection, providing a process for identifying environmental aspects and determining their impacts.
Operation parameters associated with significant environmental aspects are monitored and measured, as information on these parameters are essential to determine how to manage them in order to achieve goals and to improve environmental performance.

Therefore, VIPREMI is committed to use the best techniques for the mentioned processes, including all necessary measures to ensure the protection of soil, water and air and to prevent or reduce the production of waste, in order to achieve a high level of protection of the environment as a whole.

Among VIPREMI's environmental protection activities, the following ones stand out:


- Control of consumption of raw materials, subsidiary materials and water (industrial process and human consumption)

. Calculation of the minimum raw materials required to maintain the quality level;

. Recycle rainwater and washing water for the production process;

. Adopt adequate prevention plan and maintenance for equipments to ensure detecting and repairing water leaks, in a faster way, in the industrial process and even in human consumption;

. Awareness actions and adoption of technical measures to reduce water consumption in the bathroom.


- Control of energy consumption (electricity and other fuels)

. Production of electrical energy through photovoltaics in all manufacturing units;

. Monitor energy consumption (electricity and fuel);

. Adopt adequate prevention plan and maintenance for equipments and infrastructure;

. Awareness actions among our workers regarding reduction of energy consumption.


- Control of GHG emissions

. Monitor occasional emissions into the atmosphere from the gas extraction system located inside of Production Unit 1);

. Invest in electric mobility for your fleet.


- Control of waste produced

. Recovery of waste through reintegration into the manufacturing process;

. Segregation of the different waste produced in the various stages of the manufacturing process and forwarding it to licensed waste operators;

. Awareness actions among our workers regarding the different types of waste.

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